Grassroots Referee Renewal

***For the 2020 registration year, you may renew through the U.S. Soccer Learning Center OR through Game Officials. If you renew through the Learning Center, you do NOT have to complete the 205 min online refresher training.***

Annual Requirements

  1. In-Service Training: Online
  2. Laws of the Game Test: Online
  3. Safety and Compliance: Background Check
  4. Fitness Test: No annual requirement
  5. Practical Evaluation: No annual requirement

Game Officials Registration

  1. Click on the link to register:
  2. Log into Game Officials and update any and all contact information
  3. Once registered, click on the load session tracker button and complete the concussion video and grassroots referee exam
  4. Once you have completed the concussion video and grassroots referee exam, we will approve your registration. Please note that until you complete the concussion video and the Grassroots referee exam, your registration will not be approved.

Should you need any assistance with registration, email the CNRA Registrar.