FIFA Referee Fitness Test

The official fitness test for referees consists of two tests.

  1. Repeated Sprint Ability (RSA): measures the referee’s ability to perform repeated sprints over 40m.
  2. Interval Test: evaluates the referee’s capacity to perform a series of high-speed runs over 75m interspersed with 25m walking intervals.

Referees must pass the FIFA Fitness Test at least once a year. The time between the end of Test 1 and the start of Test 2 is 6 to 8 minutes maximum.

Referee Test 1: Repeated Sprint Ability

  • Referees run six consecutive 40 meter sprints followed by a recovery period after each sprint (while walking back to the start line)
  • The ‘start’ gate is placed at 0m and the ‘finish’ gate at 40m. The ‘start line’ is marked out 1.5m before the ‘start’ gate.
  • Referees line up at the start with their front foot touching the ‘start line’. Once the test leader signals that ready, the referee is free to start.
  • Referees receive a maximum of 60 seconds recovery between each of the 6 x 40m sprints. During recovery, referees must walk back to the start.
  • If a referee falls or trips, they should be given an additional trial (one trial = 1 x 40 m).
  • If a referee fails one trial out of the six, they should be given a seventh trial immediately after the sixth trial. If they fail two trials out of seven, the match official has failed the test.


Referee Test 2: Interval Test

  • Referees must complete 40 x 75m run / 25m walk intervals. This equates to 10 laps of a 400m athletics track. A lap consists of four 75 meter runs with four 25 meter recovery walks.
  • The pace is dictated by the audio file and reference times are set in accordance with the referee’s category.
  • Referees must start from a standing position. They must not start before the whistle. On the whistle, referees are allowed to start running.
  • At the end of each run, each referee must enter the ‘walking area’ before the whistle. The walking area is marked out with a line 1.5m before and 1.5m behind the 75m line.
  • If a referee fails to place a foot inside the walking area on time, they should receive a clear warning from the test leader. If a referee fails to place a foot inside the walking area on time fora second occasion, they should be stopped by the test leader and informed that they have failed the test.