SPONSORS: Request an Entry Level Referee Course for your Club/League

To request a In-Service Clinic (currently registered referees) or Futsal Clinic, please email celliott@cnra.net.

If you are an organization such as a league, club, local referee association, tournament, assignor, referee coordinator, etc., seeking to sponsor an Entry Level Referee Course, please follow the steps below.

Sponsors will need to have the following information ready to complete the request:
  1. Host League (name of organization)
  2. Contact Information (primary contact person that will be onsite before and after each session.)
  3. Field Session Location (physical address and special instructions if needed for field session venue.)
  4. Field Session Date and Time (We recommend a 7v7 or 9v9 field. Also acceptable is a full size field, open park, gymnasium or large conference room that provides approximately 30 square yards.)
  5. Special Requests (instructor preference, etc.)


Your request will be automatically directed to the CNRA Entry Level Referee Program Coordinator for review and approval. Courses will not be approved until payment has been received and confirmed.


After you have submitted the Course Request, please immediately submit the Course Fee ($300) by check made out to CNRA directly to:

P.O. Box 848
Rocklin, CA 95677

Payment provide a USSF Certified Instructor for your field session and for post-course Referee Coaches who will work with your new referees during their first few games. 

Once payment has been received and confirmed. The CNRA Entry Level Referee Program Coordinator will then “Approve” the requested course and then post your course online for students to be able to register for the course. The CNRA registrar will also assign an Instructor(s) for the date requested for each field session that is required for the course.


How do students pay for the course?

Students will submit payment for the Entry-Level Referee Course while registering in the U.S. Soccer Learning Center.

How much can sponsors charge participants? 

Sponsors must assume all responsibility for the cost of any fees for the facilities and payment to CNRA for the Course. CNRA limits sponsors to only charge participants up to $30.00 each to cover any of these costs.

Can courses be limited to a specific group?

Yes, the host must request for the course to be hidden and not public when submitting a course request.  The registration link will be given to the host who can distribute it.

What happens if a student doesn’t complete the course?

Students must complete the entire course online, then attend the field session to complete registration. Any student missing any part of the online course will not be allowed to attend the field session and can be transferred to a future field session. CNRA registration fee will be automatically transferred to the new course with the new field session and no coursework will be lost.  

Do students need to complete the quiz before the field session?

Yes. Even though there are questions that pertain to the field session or games, they MUST complete the quiz.