Grade 5 (State Referee) Upgrade

All referees that intend to register with US Soccer Federation as a Grade 5 (State Referee) for 2017 will be required to satisfy the following annual requirements before requesting a national assessor:

  1. Submit an acceptable attendance history at the Tier I Referee Academy, certified by the Tier I Coordinator
  2. Pass 3 National assessments (70% or higher) as a Center or Assistant Referee (depending on track), completed by 3 different National Assessors. All assessments must be from adult matches.
  3. Pass the FIFA Referee or FIFA Assistant Referee men’s fitness test, at an approved site. Test depends on track configuration.
  4. Pass the FIFA Referee written test with 80% or higher, at an approved site
  5. Submit a game log showing service of youth and amateur soccer
  6. Submit a biography statement that you wish to be considered

Submission of the National Referee Candidate Form is to be sent to the CNRA Registrar. Upon verification, all major assignors and the National Assessor Coordinator will be notified of qualification for the highest level games, assessment eligibility by a National Assessor, and identification for mentoring by other National Referees.

The mission of this policy is to promote the very best referee candidates to the professional soccer level. It is imperative that these officials command understanding and correctly interpret the FIFA Laws of the Game.

CNRA subsidizes National Assessors with referees paying a $100.00 fee per assessment. CNRA covers the cost of assessor mileage and their expenses. These pre-qualification requirements will bolster the utilization of our National Assessors and limit the number of failing assessments. A proper balance of the youth and adult game creates a well-rounded referee with service to soccer roots in Cal-North.