FIFA Futuro 2016 Video Training Download


CNRA assembled interactive video training modules from the FIFA Futuro program, which includes materials instructed to FIFA Referees and Assistant Referees around the world. This information is being made exclusively on and is being used in Tier I and Tier II Referee Academy events throughout Northern California. These modules include FIFA interpretations and interactive segments on the following topics:

  • Severity of the Fouls
  • Handball
  • Tactical Foul
  • Advantage
  • Positioning

The FIFA Futuro download module works on PC and Apple computers. It does not work on tablets or mobile phone devices, at this time. The module is a 5.0GB download which will take quite some time to download on internet connections. We recommend downloading it from a reliable internet connection to complete the entire download. The content is available in English, Spanish, German, and French. When unzipped, run the main Flash video file: LearningModuls

Also included is the FIFA Futuro Considerations PDF, which poses hundreds of questions for the videos and interpretations in the training material. We recommend downloading and printing a copy to follow the interactive training and to take notes. Combined with the videos, this will provide the latest instruction on the points of emphasis from FIFA.

The material is self-guiding and is being deployed by all CNRA Instructors and Assessors for interpreting the Laws of the Game.

Technical questions or problems with the file can be reported in our Customer Service portal.

Links to Downloads:

Security Instructions for Apple users:

  • This download does not work on mobile devices or tablets
  • Make sure the latest version of Adobe Flash is installed:
  • The latest OS X has a security function that requires the following steps to open interactive files:
    1. Open LearningModuls with the red Adobe Flash icon
    2. You will receive a security warning; press OK
    3. Go to the Apple Menu (upper left corner icon on your screen) and open System Preferences
    4. Open Security & Privacy
    5. Click the lock in the lower left corner and enter your system password to make changes
    6. Under Allow apps downloaded from: change the radio button for App Store and identified developers
    7. In the same window, there will be a security warning: “LearningModuls” was blocked from opening because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed. Click: Open Anyway

    8. A final message will warn you that the developer cannot be confirmed. Select Open and the file should open normally.

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