2016 Registration Procedures For All Referees, Instructors, Assessors and Assignors

Before you register please determine which CNRA Region you live, using the map below. Hover your cursor over the county you live and a Region Label will appear. You will need to enter this Region within your Registration Form.

Image Map North Region West Region East Region South Region


ALL Referees, Instructors, Assessors and Assignors MUST login to their account at to renew their annual registration.


  • All officials are able to re-register NOW with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) for the current year, if they have not yet done so.
  • All those registered for this year will also be able to re-register for the upcoming year online at on and after July 1.
  • Referees that have not yet reregistered for the current season may still do so without penalty until 5:00 p.m. pst October 31st of the same calendar year, after which time there will be a $23.00 late registration fee. 


  1. Enter the CNRA Registration System at
  2. Login to your CNRA GameOfficials Account (Don’t know how? Click HERE)
  3. Ensure you are in the correct “Identity” i.e. Official for Referee Registration, Assessor for Assessor Registration, Instructor for Instructor Registration Assignor for Assignor Registration.
  4. From the Main Menu on the left, Click on “Courses” 
  5. Select and click on the Course related to your Identity i.e. “Referee Courses” – for Referee Registration.
  6. Select and click on the USSF ANNUAL REGISTRATION RENEWAL – GRADE # (You might also be able to Upgrade, but only if you have the requirements for upgrading prior to registering.)
  7. Click on the correct year you need to register. (there MAY be two available years at any time of the year based upon your current registration status, so select the correct one.)
  8. Continue to follow and fill out the remaining Registration and Payment procedures until all is completed and your online payment is confirmed. Should you have any questions or difficulty in re-registering contact the CNRA Registrar at

You should receive your new USSF packet (Badge, Identification Card and a new USSF Laws of the Game Book) from United States Soccer Federation within 8 to 10 weeks after your registration has been approved.

Grade 5 , National, Professional and International Referees MUST only renew through the USSF National Office with the collaboration of the State Referee Administrator and/or the CNRA Registrar.  USSF will distribute registration information directly to Grade 5, National, Professional and International Referees via email.

ALL OTHER REFEREES if you require more specific instructions to Register we recommend you Select your Referee Grade: Registration Renewal from the menu on the left for more specific instructions.