2015 Registration Procedures For All Referees, Instructors, Assessors and Assignors




For Referees, Instructors, Assessors and Assignors

Any Referee, Instructor or Assessor NOT current in their registration shall NOT be assigned any future assignments until their registration requirements have been met.

From the USSF policy manual:
Policy 531-8—Assignment of Game Officials
Section 1. Registration Required Prior to Assignment
No one shall officiate as a referee or assistant referee in any match under the sanction or jurisdiction (direct or indirect) of the United States Soccer Federation who is not registered with the Federation for the current year unless that person is a visiting foreign referee who has been properly accredited by his or her national association. 

ALL Referees, Instructors, Assessors and Assignors MUST renew their registration annually through All are able to re-register NOW with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) for the 2015 year if they have not yet done so. All those registered for 2015 will also be able to re-register for the upcoming 2016 year online at on and  after July 1st, 2015. Referees that have not yet reregistered for the 2015 may still do so without penalty until October 31st of the same calendar year, after which time there will be a $23.00 late registration fee. 

If you do not re-certify for 2015, your registration and status will become “Lapse in Year(s)”. If you wish to continue to be a referee you MUST re-register for the current before attempting to re-register again for the upcoming season.

National, Professional and International Referees MUST only renew through the USSF National Office with the collaboration of the State Referee Administrator and/or the CNRA Registrar.  USSF will distribute registration information directly to National, Professional and International Referees via email.

ALL OTHER REFEREES are recommended to Select their Referee Grade: Registration Renewal from the menu on the left for specific instructions.


  1. Enter the CNRA Registration System at
  2. Login to your CNRA GameOfficials Account (Don’t know how? Click HERE)
  3. Ensure you are in the correct “Identity” i.e. Instructor for Instructor Registration, Assessor for Assessor Registration or Assignor for Assignor Registration.
  4. From the Main Menu on the left, Click on “Courses” 
  5. Select and click on the Course related to your Identity i.e. “Instructor Courses” - for Instructor Registration etc.
  6. Select and click on the USSF REGISTRATION RENEWAL – GRADE # (You might also choose to Upgrade, but only if you have or expect to complete the requirements for upgrading.)
  7. Click on the correct year you need to register. (there MAY be two available at any time of the year based upon your current registration status, so select the correct one.)
  8. Continue to follow and fill out the remaining Registration and Payment procedures until all is completed and your online payment is confirmed.

You should receive your new USSF packet (Badge, Identification Card and a new USSF Laws of the Game Book) from United States Soccer Federation within 8 to 10 weeks.


New assignors may need to complete an online course as well as attend a course in person. Persons that are appointed as assignors and need to start assigning prior to the course may get a one time waiver from the State Referee Administrator.  Send an e-mail to and list the league for which you will be assigning.  You will then be able to take the online portion of the course but will not be renewed for the following year unless you attend the in-class session.  For persons that already have an account as a referee, assessor, or instructor you should log into your account.  Choose COURSES on the left, then ASSIGNOR COURSES then choose the ASSIGNOR NOVICE CLASS.  You will then see a pink box that says you must be an assignor to register for this course.  At the bottom of the box you will see “click here to create a new assignor account.”  By clicking on that you will create a new account and once that is created you may then register for this course and take the online portion.