Notification to Referee OUTSIDE of Cal North

When planning to travel and referee outside of the California-North boundaries, as a matter of courtesy, referees should inform the State Referee Administrator/CNRA. CNRA would like to be able to assist our referees as best possible when they travel to referee beyond its boundaries. By filling out this form CNRA has the ability to:

1. Confirm to assignors your age, grade level and that you are a certified and current referee in good standing.
2. Be a resource for hiving and contacting emergency contacts should you or the tournament need emergency assistance.
3. CNRA may be able to promote you based upon records of attending Referee Academies and/or other State, Regional or National tournaments.
4. Should CNRA have individual representatives or a Traveling Academy at any tournaments you may be recruited and gain traveling and other benefits.

Tournaments often request some of the above information when you apply for their tournament.