Youth Referee Program

The Youth Referee Program provides instruction and training in a safe and supportive environment for young match officials who want to further explore officiating soccer at a more advanced level.  The Youth Referee Program also serves as the pathway for officials who are interested in joining the Advanced Referee Program.

This program is designed for referees 19 years of age and younger who are interested in exploring more advanced training.

Officials who excel in the Youth Referee Program will be considered for promotion into the Advanced Referee Program, which brings additional invitations to more advanced competitions and training environments.

Participants in the Youth Referee Program will meet for in-person training sessions on a quarterly basis in Livermore, CA, as well as monthly digital training opportunities throughout the year.

There are also regular on-field opportunities throughout the year, which often include post-game training sessions with referee coaches, as seen in the video below.

2024 Youth Program Referee Development Events

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