Farhad Mansourian Appointed as new CNRA State Director of Referee Development





Farhad Mansourian Appointed as new CNRA State Director of Referee Development

The Board of Directors met earlier this past week to discuss and approve a new position within the CNRA Referee Committee. This new position will be titled State Director of Referee Development. The Board of Directors also voted and appointed this new position to Farhad Mansourian.

A statement from State Referee Administrator, Said Ravanfar,

  “It is my pleasure to announce that Farhad Mansourian has been appointed to the new position of Director of Referee Development.  Farhad will be responsible for all aspects of referee development including but not limited to: the Instruction program, the Referee Academies while continuing to lead the Tier 1 program and other referee development programs currently underway.  He will also be working with State Director of Instruction, Bob Fleck and the Assessment program to help further develop our CNRA referees. If you have any referee development questions, they should now be directed to Farhad.”

Farhad was a National Referee and has been a National Assessor working within professional leagues including MLS for several years. He is notably gifted as mentoring and developing newer referees within MLS. Farhad also spearheaded top-level referee development groups within the state that later became the current model of CNRA’s Tier 1 Academy: Advanced Referee Training.

A statement from Farhad Mansourian,

  “I am humbled by such an appointment. I am a product of Cal North from youth soccer to amateur to pro soccer. Together we will provide highest level of referee, instructor and assessor development for soccer in Cal North.”
Farhad will officially begin begin on July 1st, 2015.