Virtual Assignor Course


Now is your chance to become an Assignor! The entire course can be completed virtually, so it’s never been easier to get certified. As soon as soccer returns, you’ll be able to earn more income and interact with the game in a new way, so don’t wait to sign up! Please find the course details below:

Learning Center Course #2679
Cost: $55

  • Safesport (1 hr)
  • Introduction to Health and Safety (1 hr)
  • Laws of the Game Refresher (30 min)
  • Assignor Quiz (30 min)
  • Review slide deck prior to webinar (available Friday 1/15 in Library Tab)

Webinar: (5 hrs)

  • Date: Saturday 1/30, 9am-2pm
  • To be approved for the webinar, you must register by 9pm on Friday 1/29.


If you have any questions please contact CNRA Assignor Coordinator Kenyatta Scott at [email protected]. If you run into any issues during the registration process, please contact [email protected].

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