CNRA Announces 2025 Registration Requirements


In light of some modifications planned for Registration Year 2025, CNRA is releasing the anticipated registration requirements for Registration Year 2025 to allow ample time for all Referees, Referee Mentors, and Referee Coaches to meet the modified requirements to be eligible to upgrade or maintain their current grade. These anticipated registration requirements are subject to change, pending any revisions to the U.S. Soccer Standards that are referenced in this document.  We don’t anticipate any of the CNRA-specific requirements outlined in this document to change, so any remaining modifications would be specific to U.S. Soccer (boxes marked U.S. Soccer Standard).

The most meaningful modification is the addition of continuing education training requirements for First-Time Regional Referees (upgrade), Recertifying Regional Referees, Referee Mentors, and Referee Coaches. These continuing education requirements are being implemented in lieu of the standard expectation across the country of an in-person clinic or seminar as part of the certification process for higher grades of officials. Given the large geographic footprint of our state, as well as the desire to avoid taking higher grade officials off the field for an entire day to hold an in-person clinic or seminar, CNRA will provide referees with numerous pathways to fulfill the new continuing education requirements, all via our existing web-based and in-person training platforms. 

2025 Registration Requirements

To review the specific details of the modified registration requirements, please review the following pages of the registration requirements:

  • First-Time Regional Referees (upgrade):  Page 2
  • Recertifying Regional Referees:  Page 3
  • Referee Mentors:  Page 9
  • First-Time Referee Coaches:  Page 10
  • Recertifying Referee Coaches:  Page 11

These requirements must be met prior to completing your registration for Registration Year 2025, giving affected officials 10 months to complete the necessary requirements.  All continuing education requirements must be fulfilled with “real-time” participation.  Watching a recording of a webinar after it has happened will not count toward fulfillment of the requirements. 

If you have any questions on the requirements for Registration Year 2025, please contact [email protected].

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