A Simple, Lighter Look at Soccer’s Rules


U.S. Soccer has recently released “The Laws of the Game Made Easy”, a simpler and lighter look at the rules of soccer geared toward the many who crowd local parks and soccer fields each weekend around the United States.

Written for players, referees, coaches, parents and fans alike, this 60-page reference makes the rules easy to understand – without compromising the integrity of the information it is providing. Dozens of full-color cartoon illustrations put often-complicated rules into a visual perspective to help the reader through 17 different laws. Five pages and nine illustrations are dedicated to penalty kicks alone, while another five pages and 15 illustrations shed light on the offside rule.

Not just for players and coaches, this guidebook can serve as an excellent way for amateurs and soccer enthusiasts to learn more about the game as well as master it. Some sports fanatics who wish to place the Single Bet Of The Day might also find this rule book helpful to become aware of the many nuances and details of the sport. Easy to read, understand, and follow, it’s a book for all ages.

“The Laws of the Game Made Easy” takes a fun, light-hearted approach in promoting an understanding of the official “Laws of the Game.” Selections from the comic strip “Cleats,” from artist Bill Hinds and the Universal Press Syndicate add life and humor to the booklet’s pages.

The booklet does not replace the complete Laws of the Game, but works as the perfect starter book to educate young players and referees, as well as coaches or parents.

Developed as part of the National Instruction Program, the booklet is written by Dan Heldman, Illustrated by Colby Jones and produced by Dick Triche. Sandra Hunt, Jim Allen, Gil Weber, Josef Zeevi, Jim Finger, Julie Hosking, Kristine Lamm and others also contributed to making this project come to life.

“The Laws of the Game Made Easy” is available for purchase from U.S. Soccer via It is also available by calling 312-528-1214 or e-mailing [email protected]. Discount prices are available when ordering larger quantities.

For more information on the U.S. Soccer Referee Programs, please contact Carol McGuire, U.S. Soccer’s Referee Programs Manager at 312 528 1241 or [email protected].

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