Information for New Referees


A newly updated document is being distributed by the U.S. Soccer National Referee Program office to all state associations for their use in training new referees. It is intended to supplement, not replace, the materials given to referees who have just complete their entry level clinic into the referee, assistant referee, and recreational referee grades.

The focus of this document is to provide information in a compressed format on matters which are of concern to new officials but which are not straight “laws of the game” knowledge. All the topics discussed (handling coaches, participating in the pregame meeting, getting assignments, developing confidence, etc.) are clearly covered in the clinics we run to certify new officials. Experience has shown, however, that having a concise, summarized guide for these matters will provide opportunities for our new referees to study and refresh their recollection of our training even after the class is over.

USSF recommends that “Information for New Referees” be distributed to everyone completing the entry level clinics. The final page of the document is provided so that students may fill in contact information for anyone who might be able to provide assistance to them in their first several seasons.

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