CNRA Administration Structure Change: Regional Referee Administrators


To: All California-North Referees, Referee Administrators and Soccer Leagues/Clubs/Associations:

California North Referee Administration (CNRA) as of June 1st, 2014 has remodeled its overall Administrative structure to more efficiently serve the referees, instructors, assessors, the state administration as well as the soccer leagues and clubs that regularly sponsor Entry Level Referee Courses within the State Association.

CNRA has consolidated the previous nine (9) Areas/Districts into to four (4) Regions.  Each Region is comprised of several State of California Counties. Referees, administrators, Leagues/Clubs and Associations, moving forward, will be able to identify which CNRA Region they are located in by identifying which Region contains the county they reside or are refereeing.

Effective on June 1st, 2014, all prior CNRA Administrative positions of Area/District Referee Administrators, Area/District Directors of Instruction and Area/District Directors of Assessment will be eliminated. Replacing these administrators will be a Regional Referee Administrator (RRA).

CNRA is confident that by consolidating from 27 Area/District referee administrators down to four (4) Regional Referee Administrators  CNRA will over time improve referee recruitment, retention, development and overall administrative efficiency.

These four (4) Regional Referee Administrators (RRA) will take on all the duties and responsibilities that the prior Area/District Referee Administrators, Directors of Instruction and the Directors of Assessment were responsible for managing.

Each of these Regional Referee Administrators are now to be the points of contact for all Entry Level Referee Courses, Referee In-Service Clinics, Referee Assessments, Referee Certification Requirements (Fitness and Written Testing), and overall Referee Development and Identification within their Regions.

Referee Registration, Referee Packet/Badge issues and Certification Requirement issues should still be first addressed to the CNRA Registrar.

I would like to thank all of those volunteers who have served as our Area Referee Administrators, Area Directors of Instruction, and Area Directors of Assessment for CNRA. Our continued progress over the years is a testament of your efforts and work. Your amazing work and support to the program over the many years can not be appreciated enough.

Said Ravanfar
CNRA State Referee Administrator