National Assessor Policy


National Assessor Policy

Effective 8/1/14

This policy is for National Assessors doing CNRA matches assigned to them by the State Director of Assessment or Local Assignment Coordinator. The assessor will receive $180 for the assessment. Travel will be paid at $.56 per mile roundtrip. In order to be paid for travel the assessor must fill out a CNRA expense report and send it to the SRA along with a map detailing the mileage.

Prior approval is required if airfare or a hotel is needed. The assessor must obtain prior approval from the SRA a minimum of 1 week in advance. Once approval is given, a CNRA expense form along with documentation of the expenses must be sent to the SRA.

If the assessor is traveling over 250 miles, per diem may be offered. In order to be paid per diem the assessor must make the request to the SRA prior to the match. There is no guarantee that per diem will be offered. If per diem is offered it will be determined by the SRA and communicated to the assessor prior to the match.

The Assessor will NOT be paid until the assessment is completed and released to the officials. The match fee, per diem and mileage will NOT be paid if the assessment is not completed and released within two calendar weeks of the match.