2015 Easy Express Lane Registration Instructions



2015 Express Lane Registration Instructions:

  1. Enter the CNRA Registration System at
  2. Login to your CNRA GameOfficials Account (Don’t know how? Click HERE)
  3. Update or correct all of your personal information in “My Info”
  4. From the Main Menu on the left, Click on “Courses” (All of your personal Registration choices are contained under “Courses.” This is where you will Register.)
  5. Select and click on “Referee Courses” (if you require multiple registrations i.e. (instructor, assessor or assignor… you must do each registration individually under that identity.)
  6. Select and click on the “USSF Registration Renewal-Grade.” Click on the correct year you need to re-register. (there MAY be two available at any time of the year, so select the correct one.)
  7. Continue to follow and fill out the remaining Registration procedures until all is completed and your online payment is certified. Once completed you will receive an email notification. If you do not within 48 hours, it is likely the email you entered into the system is incorrect or out out of date. Contact the CNRA Registrar.