New Referee Uniforms from Official Sports


Official Sports International, a Technical Partner to the U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program, introduced a new referee uniform design in Summer 2016. The uniforms are an updated design that are approved for use in all U.S. Soccer sanctioned matches.

Uniforms can be purchased directly by Official Sports at their website:

Older OSI uniforms are approved for use through December 2018. By that time, all referees will be expected to wear the updated design.

The official uniform includes:

  • Jersey: Most referees start with a short sleeve yellow jersey but you should have all alternate colors and sleeve lengths
  • Black shorts: a small logo on the shorts is OK
  • Black socks: with two white stripes
  • Black shoes: a brand logo is OK
  • Current year badge: issued by the U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program

Download the Standards of Dress and Appearance for visual guidance.


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