Cal North FIFA Assistant Referee Deleana Quan Finalist for 2019 Women’s World Cup


CNRA is pleased to recognize Cal North Referee and FIFA Assistant Referee Deleana Quan for her inclusion on the list of final candidates to officiate the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France. As announced by FIFA late last month, Deleana Quan has been included in a referee trio with referee Ekatarina Koroleva (Seattle, WA) and fellow assistant referee Felisha Mariscal (Chula Vista, CA).  A third American FIFA Assistant Referee, Kathryn Nesbitt, is also among the final candidates, and has been included in a trio with Canadian referee Carol Anne Chenard.

The final candidates will work together in their trios extensively at FIFA events over the next 12 months as part of the final decision making process, including at the Algarve Cup in Portugal, and either the U17 Women’s World Cup in Uruguay or the U20 Women’s World Cup in France.

The list of final candidates is down to just 35 referees and 69 assistant referees representing all six confederations and 56 countries.

Congratulations Deleana!

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