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We at CNRA hope this message finds you well and in continued good health. As we noted last week, we are preparing to open license renewals for the 2021 registration year. In the week that has passed since our last communication on this subject, U.S. Soccer has informed us of some additional delays in the Learning Center, which will push back the date for beginning the registration process for 2021. We will now open registrations on Tuesday, July 14 at 10:00am

All registrations will now be processed in the U.S. Soccer Learning Center. You will receive detailed instructions on how to use the Learning Center on the morning of Tuesday, July 14, along with a link to click to renew your registration. 
The U.S. Soccer requirements to register for 2021 are as follows: 

  1. Background check, as administered by U.S. Soccer (no CNRA involvement in this)
  2. Safesport Compliance, as administered by U.S. Soccer
  3. Health and Safety, as administered by U.S. Soccer
  4. Laws of the Game Test

After careful consideration and discussion with key stakeholders in the California North referee community, below please find CNRA registration policy for the 2021 registration year: 

Registration Fees 
For those who registered for 2020, CNRA will discount all referee administrative fees by 50% (ex. Grassroots $40.00 reduced to $20.00) for 2021 registration. Our best estimates at this point are that referees will lose approximately half of the 2020 registration year due to COVID-19 (March – September), so CNRA is discounting the administrative fee by half for next year in support of referees who were not able to work matches during that time. The partial administrative fee will continue funding CNRA’s operations, including ongoing support to referees who require assistance with the registration process and the extensive training and learning opportunities available to all registered referees in California North, both during and after COVID-19. Any separate U.S. Soccer costs still apply. 

If you did not register for 2020, your 2021 registration will be the standard $40 CNRA administrative fee and the $20 U.S. Soccer registration fee. 

If you are a Regional referee looking to recertify, you will only be required to complete one (1) assessment in the referee position on a match at the U18 level or higher (subject to change if more competition is cancelled in the fall). Fees for assessments for consideration for the 2021 registration year will be $75.00, regardless of the time of year of the assessment. 

If you are looking to upgrade to a Regional referee for the 2021 registration year, the U.S. Soccer policy remains the same: Two (2) assessments as a referee, one of which must be on an adult amateur match, and one (1) assessment as an assistant referee. 

Fitness Test 
In light of COVID-19 restrictions on potential venue rentals, the fitness test requirement for recertifying Regional referees has been waived through December 31, 2020. If you do not recertify prior to December 31, 2020, a fitness will be required as soon as it is possible to host one. 

If you are looking to upgrade to a Regional referee for the 2021 registration year, the U.S. Soccer policy remains the same, and your upgrade will be processed as soon as it is possible to host a fitness test. 

Laws of the Game Test The standard Laws of the Game test in the Learning Center will be required for all referees. 
As noted earlier, another round of communication will be sent on the morning of July 14 with detailed instructions and a link to renew your registration for 2021. 

Thank you for continuing to serve the game once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, and we look forward to seeing everyone back on the pitch. 

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